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                              DECEMBER 20鈥?5, 2017, SHANGHAI

                              Title of Your Conference or Event

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                              Quickly disintermediate empowered methodologies with ubiquitous best practices. Distinctively fabricate exceptional niches with technically sound technologies. Professionally revolutionize seamless synergy with real-time imperatives. Interactively pursue top-line bandwidth whereas visionary e-services.

                              Distinctively benchmark client-focused opportunities vis-a-vis 24/365 relationships. Progressively revolutionize equity invested synergy whereas emerging web services.

                              Eventas, Inc.
                              1355 Market Street
                              Suite 900
                              San Francisco, CA 94103
                              P: (123) 456-7890



                              Tom Hoffmann Cintas


                              Zoe Kr盲mer Earthlink


                              Helena K眉hn Herman


                              Leon Werner Level


                              Alexander Ziegler A.G. Edwards


                              Benedikt Fitch Co.


                              Lara Hahn Acterna


                              Elias Friedrichs Adolph


                              Doors Open

                              Opening Remarks

                              Fiona Kuhn CO-FOUNDER & CEO, MES

                              Focus on the story: how publishers and brands succeed on today's internet.

                              Marie Jung HEAD OF PARTNERSHIPS, MES

                              Keynote Presentation

                              Zoe K眉hn CO-FOUNDER & CEO,, BOOSTER

                              Brand Innovator Spotlight

                              Tim Rams DIRECTOR, CONTENT MARKETING, FIXS

                              Daniel Fuchs DIRECTOR OF MEDIA SERVICES, MENGO

                              Hannah Keller CO-FOUNDER, LOLO

                              Fireside Chat: Making Native Work - An Agency Perspective

                              Fiona Kuhn CO-FOUNDER & CEO, MES

                              Lunch Break

                              Native Creatives Winners Presentation

                              Johann Graf VP Sales, MES

                              Case Study: XYR

                              Jan Pfeiffer HEAD OF COMMUNICATIONS, TOT

                              Marie Ilsner PRESIDENT, PADDA

                              Hannes Beck MANAGING DIRECTOR, DEP

                              Cocktail and Networking Party

                              BUY TICKET

                              Quickly synthesize low-risk high-yield e-markets without dynamic.

                              Early-bird PASS

                              • Main keynote speeches
                              • Access to all areas
                              • Lunch on day 1
                              BUY TICKET

                              ULTIMATE PASS

                              • Main keynote speeches
                              • Access to all areas
                              • Lunch on day 1
                              BUY TICKET


                              • Main keynote speeches
                              • Access to all areas
                              • Lunch on day 1
                              BUY TICKET

                              THE VENUE

                              Credibly recaptiualize cutting-edge functionalities vis-a-vis intuitive growth strategies. Appropriately evolve open-source potentialities via goal-oriented e-business. Enthusiastically target go forward scenarios and visionary "outside the box" thinking. Professionally administrate cost effective sources without corporate convergence.

                              STAY INFORMED

                              Don't miss the event!


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